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YUCEBAS MACHINERY GRAIN CLASIFICATION DEVICE can be use in order to determine partical size of diffent cereals like wheat and barley in milling and malting-brewing industries. Grain Classification Device works with cleaned sample as 100 gram. The running time can be chosen from controll box. PIC controller is on the device. Different samples are classificationed with different sieves. This sieves can be exchanged as easily. Long perforated sieves are on the devices as standart accesories. The measurements of the sieves's are 2,8 mm - 2,5 mm and 2,2 mm. Grain Classification Device works as suitable according to MEBAK - EBC - ICC methods. 4 different samples are taked on end of the test. This samples are upper surface of 2,8 mm sieves, upper surface of 2,5 mm sieves, upper surface of 2,2 mm sieves and under surface of 2,2 mm sieves. Optionally different size of sieves can be obtained.

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