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« Geri    HAMMER MILL - Y17

This mill was made as soundproof. There is a metallic grinding circle. The sample comes to this part with air flow feeder. Hardened steel hammer forces the samples for passing to steel sieves with rotation rate 16.800 rpm. Sample is crushed as homogeneous and accumulated in the rustproof vessel. Optional motorized feeder can be added the system for consistent feeding. Standard sieves ( 0,8 mm ) are used for falling number, Gluten washing device, Gluten centrifugal and NIR analysis. There are more 2 different sieves  ( 0,5 - 2,0 mm ).

There is no need the cleaning between two samples. The samples can be grinds with slow feeding up to 25% moisture content. The flow rate of automatic feeder is adjustable. The Hammer Mill is designed with security cover switch.

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