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YUCEBAS MACHINERY FALLING NUMBER DEVICE is operating in compliance with both Classical Falling and Fungal Falling Number methods. It has a PIC control, Touchscreen LCD, dual tube systems and standart printer. There is not any button on the device for control of device. The device can control directly from the touch screen LCD. The test period, temperature of water bath, date and time can be see easily on the screen. You can see the average account for two different sample end of the test at the same time. The device adjusts the boiling point automatically according to the altitude of the laboratory. The device can calculate the test results automatically according to the altitude for FN (Method 1). A water circulation system, which is going to fix the steam pressure as constant, installed on the housing of the bath, in order to eliminate the loss of water as steam to be installed at the water bath of the device. In order to personal protection of potential heat damage of technical person, equipment donated with a special protector.

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