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Damaged Starch Analyser is based on working with an amperometric method in order to measure the starch damage in flour samples. Damaged Starch Analyser gives similar results as SDMatic. The device measured the amount of iodine absorbed by starch granules in a diluted flour suspension with special solution. The test performs 1 g of flour sample aprrox. in 7 minutes. The necessary iodine is generated by the special probe of the device in order to determine the iodine absorbtion. Test results are expressed as % of the iodine absorbtion. The more absorbtion of the iodine means more damaged starch.

Main applications of the measurement of damaged starch are;

* Quality control of the flour

* Control the settings of the rollers in the mill

* Improve dough yield by adjusting water absorption ratio

* Adjust the stickiness of the dough

* Optimize the final product quality in terms of volume, color and shelf life.

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